Calibration saves your company money by reducing scrap. Thoughout the manufacturing process adherence to design specs are verified and controlled. Consistency is maintained and defects are detected before they can become a serious problem.
Saving money is great, but in reality the payout for calibration services can sometimes seem like a crunch on the budget.
At Miller Instrument Lab we pride ourselves on having the best prices in the calibration industry available. Routine calibration is part of the price of doing business, but it shouldn't be all of the business. Listed below are some ways to minimize the cost of calibration.
  1. Switch to "On Site" service.
  2. Use Blanket Purchase Orders.
  3. Retire Idle Equipment.
  4. Replace older unreliable equipment.
  5. Calibrate only what needs to be calibrated.
  6. Designate tools as "Calibrate Before Use" or "Calibrate Upon Issue".
  7. Extend cycles for equipment that is Stable, Reliable, Low Risk .
Saving Money With Calibration (?)
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